Dear Michigan, I Love It

Michigan announced this past week that a revenge match against Appalachian State has been scheduled for the 2014 season.  College football bloggers simultaneously began hee-hawing what they consider to be the dumbest scheduling move ever.  Some examples are here, here, here and here.

I may be the only one to say this, but I love this move.  Love it.  In fact, if I was new Michigan coach Brady Hoke, the first thing I would have done on my first day of work, would have been to march into athletics director Dave Brandon’s office and demand that he schedule this game.

Why?  It’s called payback.

You see, as an Alabama fan, I’ve seen more than my fair share of embarrassing losses over the last 20 plus years.  Here are a few reminders that still cause my stomach to knot up:

** October 10, 1987 – Alabama 10, Memphis 13 (yes, in Memphis)
** November 1, 1997 – Alabama 20, Louisiana Tech 26 (yes, on homecoming)
** September 18, 1999 – Alabama 28, Louisiana Tech 29 (yes, a two game losing streak)
** October 28, 2000 – Alabama 38, Central Florida 40 (yes, 40 points)
** September 20, 2003 – Alabama 16, Northern Illinois 19 (yes, my children were with me and this could have scarred them permanently)
** November 17, 2007 – Alabama 14, Louisiana-Monroe (yes, La-Monroe)

I know, I know, Michigan’s loss was to a FCS school, but that was just one loss.  Take a look at those six above.  Those six opponents might as well be FCS schools.  Heck, Central Florida had only been an FBS school since 1996.

There needs to be payback for these losses. Over the last 25 years or so, we’ve struggled at times, despite winning two national championships, and during the down periods teams like the six listed above tried to earn a reputation by whipping us.  There needs to be payback for this.

I’ve thought to myself many times over the years that when we bounce back, we need to schedule these mules again and whip them.  Pay them whatever, schedule them first each year and line up and whip them.

So, I applaud Dave Brandon.  By 2014, Hoke should have Michigan rolling again and they’ll be primed to whip App State.  Yes, the pregame hype will be a bit embarrassing, but the sweet feeling after whipping their tail will be well worth the wait.