A.J. Green of Georgia is suspended for four games last year for selling his own jersey.  Marcel Dareus of Alabama is suspended for two games for going to a party hosted by an agent.

University of Miami football players pal around with a ponzi schemer, party at Miami strip clubs, commingle with strippers and receive a wide array of illegal benefits and and receive a one game suspension:

The NCAA has revealed that eight University of Miami players must miss at least one game and repay benefits as a condition to becoming eligible to play again for the Canes.

All the players received “varying levels of recruiting inducements and extra benefits from university booster Nevin Shapiro and athletics personnel, according to the facts of the case,” the NCAA ruled. Since athletics personnel are involved, it could trigger the lack of institutional control in the infractions case

via NCAA Rules UM Players Suspended, Must Pay Restitution « CBS Miami.

This boggles my mind.

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  2. What horse poop this is. If this is UGA or Bama, we go on probation for the next ten years.

    • I agree Tim. The arbitrary nature of these rulings really undercuts any credibility the NCAA ever had.

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