Random Post-Penn State Thoughts

** The Tide throttled Penn State Saturday, but I’m not sure how good the Nittany Lions really are.  Obviously time will tell, but it’s hard for me to tell whether Bama made this bunch look extremely ordinary or if they really are.

** AJ McCarron took a big step yesterday toward winning the quarterback job.  He completed 61% of his passes and had no turnovers.  I don’t think the Bama coaches (or fans) could have expected better.

** Alabama didn’t officially record a sack yesterday (although I thought Rob Bolden scrambled and was tackled for a one yard loss).  Was that a lackluster effort by the pass rush, PSU getting rid of the ball early or the result of the defensive scheme?

** Penn State burning all of their first half timeouts on the first drive was priceless and let everyone know they were pretty much showing all they had on the first drive.

** It was a tremendous tactical blunder for Penn State to play Matt McGloin yesterday.  Bolden was able to move the pocket some and at least give the threat of running the ball.  McGloin’s lack of mobility took away a play-making option from PSU.

** Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy are turning into a fine one-two combination at running back.  Richardson finished with 111 yards rushing and Lacy with 85.  Lacy seemed a bit shiftier and was also very hard to bring down and proved to be a nice change of pace that made life harder for the defense.  Another effort like this from Lacy and I’m sure the vocal minority of Bama fans will be screaming that he should play ahead of Richardson.

** It seems odd for Dee Milliner to be returning kickoffs and other folks are hollering about Richardson returning kicks (not me).  Perhaps the decision on Milliner has something to do with last week’s turnover on special teams.