SEC’s Mount Rushmore

The Senator continues Chris Low’s discussion of the SEC”s Mount Rushmore:

I agree with those three choices.  But who do you pick for the fourth?  Bo Jackson?  The GPOOE™?  Archie or Peyton Manning?  Nick Saban?  (Okay, on that last one, I keed, I keed.)

I agree with Blutarsky on Bryant and Walker, but I think a good case could be made that Spurrier doesn’t.

Sure, he’s won six SEC titles and a national championship, but Gen. Robery Neyland won four SEC titles, two Southern Conference titles and four national championships.  Heck, he even has a stadium named after him.  Also, Urban Meyer has won more national titles than Spurrier.

Jackson?  Nah.  He is iconic for folks growing up in the 80s, but statistically, he’s just not close to the mountain.  His teams only won one conference title and no national titles.  A better choice would be Tim Tebow.

I’m not exactly a Tebow fan, but his teams did win two conference titles and two national titles and he won a Heisman Trophy.  In short, he’s the greatest player of our era.