That LSU Tiger Defense and Les Miles

In case you missed it, here’s how the defense of the no. 1 ranked LSU Tigers fared last weekend against West Virginia:

The Mountaineers threw the ball 68 times against the vaunted LSU defense, completing 38 passes for 463 yards. The passing yards accounted for a majority of West Virginia’s 533 total yards against a Tigers defense that entered giving up just more than 207 yards per game in total offense, and 160 yards per game passing.


That’s right, 463 passing and 533 total yards.  After reading the following quote, it crossed my mind that LSU might be trying to replicate some of Auburn’s defensive success from last year:

Taylor said the film study showed LSU missed 17 tackles that added up to 106 yards. But LSU Coach Les Miles sees the inflated yardage numbers as an anomaly and not a trend.

Which leads to this quote from the lovable Les Miles:

“I don’t know that you build a monument to any of those mistakes because I think they are correctable,” Miles said. “We have good players who will be able to do what they are expected to do.”

Which leads to this quote later in the article:

“There is an honest want to expand and continue to be the best conference in the country,” Miles said at his Monday press conference. “The addition of A&M is a piece that allows us as a conference to continue to upgrade and make our presence felt nationally.

“Privately and in my own personal wants, I just can’t believe that the Big 12 is separating and having great teams like Oklahoma, Texas and Oklahoma State in a position where they are looking to be in another league.”

Privately and in my own personal want, I sure hope he coaches at LSU for a long time.