Gameday Thoughts on Bama vs. Florida

A few final thoughts prior to tonight’s game…

** Last week’s game (and week of preparation) was emotionally intense, so I’ll be interested to see if there’s a bit of a hangover.

** But, come on, it’s Florida. If you can’t get up to play the Gators, in the swamp, on a Saturday night, there’s something wrong with you.

** Both teams have training wheels on their quarterbacks. AJ McCarron can keep his on and Alabama can still win this game. At least one of John Brantley’s will need to come off for the Gators. Unless Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps run wild, Florida will need to step up their passing game and for that to happen, the Gators will need Brantley to step up a bit.

** On Finebaum yesterday, Cecil Hurt tried making a comparison between this game and the 1990 version. Yes, the Gators are breaking in a new coaching staff, but don’t forget that Bama was too in 1990.

** I’m sure the longevity of staff continuity has to make some difference.

** I sure wish this game wasn’t at night. I’m sure that makes some difference too.

** How much will we miss C.J. Moseley? I’m sure we’ll miss him, but Nick Saban has acknowledged this so much this week that you have to wonder if he has something sneaky up his sleeve.

Have a great day and Roll Tide!


One thought on “Gameday Thoughts on Bama vs. Florida

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