Houston Nutt: Unplugged

As the good Senator noted this morning, Ole Miss head football coach spoke at the Birmingham Touchdown Club on Monday and dropped some nuggets of gold:

“Gene Chizik came in and stole my man Jermaine Whitehead,” Nutt said during a speech today at the Monday Morning Quarterback Club in Birmingham. “I asked Gene, ‘Now Gene, you didn’t even have a home visit.’ It must be nice to hold up that crystal ball. Hold up a crystal ball and get one of my best players.” [Emphasis added]

“Jermaine: ‘Coach, I gotta go to Auburn.'”

“Why? Why would you go to Auburn? They already won their title. They already have the crystal ball. They don’t need you. I need you.”

“Coach, it’s business.”

“Business? You shook my hand, man! You said you were committed to me!”

“I know, Coach. I’m sorry.” [Emphasis added]

Nutt made those comments related to roster management, but they sounded eerily similar to something, something, something, oh wait, yes, here it is

The Bulldogs seemed like a logical choice. They were an SEC school, had no entrenched starting quarterback and, most importantly, had head coach Dan Mullen, who recruited Cam to Florida as an offensive coordinator three years earlier.
“Some people thought we were just totally outright married to Mississippi State,” Cecil said.

In the end, the Newton clan chose Auburn.

“It was probably one of the hardest decisions I’ve made in my recent life,” Cam said. “Not just telling him because we had a good relationship, but telling his wife, Miss Megan, was even harder. … We had such a close relationship.”

It will be a reunion of sorts for Newton and Mullen in an ESPN Thursday night game in Starkville, Miss., where the pupil competes against his former teacher.

“I think our relationship is a long one, far beyond football,” Newton said.