Fly on the Wall

We all wondered what went on in the Alabama locker room last Saturday when the Tide only led Vandy 14-0 after a lackluster first half:

“I probably got after them about as good as I’ve done all season,” Saban acknowledged Monday. “And they responded.”

Alabama beat reporter Don Kausler, Jr. tries to take us into the inner sanctum, but primarily winds up with a bunch of quotes that talk about halftime, with no secrets revealed:

“Man,” he said, pausing to think. “Arkansas last year was pretty good. I dont know if they have that on YouTube or anything. … He had quite a sense of urgency about him. It was nice.”

“On Fridays, we get a little pregame speech before we go to our walk-through and start our meetings,” Vlachos said. “I would think he would run out of things to say, he’s been doing this so many years, or he would repeat a story or a point. He always has something different and good to say.”