Early Preview of Bama-LSU

Forget about the Cocktail Party and South Carolina-Tennessee, Jerry Hinnen jumps the gun by a full week to get in on the Bama-LSU action.

Early or not, though, it’s a fairly spot-on analysis.  Some highlights:

LSU WILL WIN IF: they win the battle of the big play… if Jarrett Lee can’t hit Rueben Randle for one or two of their now-trademark bombs over the top (the sort of play the Tide has been vulnerable to in the past, though less so this season), it won’t matter how good Spencer Ware and the LSU offensive line are…”

ALABAMA WILL WIN IF: they win the battle of field position…if AJ McCarron can avoid the killer turnover, if Marquis Maze can flip the Tigers’ usual domination of special teams to give the Tide the upper hand, if Richardson can consistently pound out a few first downs when deep in the Tide’s territory, we’ll find out–and we doubt it would be good news for the Tigers.

Good stuff.