Week Nine Review

This week wasn’t pretty, but still produced a 5-0 record to push the overall mark to 59-7…

Arkansas 31, Vanderbilt 28 [Prediction: Arkansas 35, Vanderbilt 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Hogs struggled with Ole Miss last week, but then again, it’s hard to get motivated to play the RBBs.  Don’t look now, but Arkansas is on a roll and could head into the season-ender against LSU with a 10-1 record.”
  • Post-game: Two things: 1) Does Vandy’s new “swagger” make you pull for them more or less?  Less for me. 2) The Hogs pull out another second half win, but this may not be possibly again next week against South Carolina’s D.

Auburn 41, Ole Miss 23 [Prediction: Auburn 17, Ole Miss 14]

  • Pre-game: “Good grief, what a game to pick.  Auburn couldn’t look much worse than they did last week against LSU.  But then again, LSU makes everyone look bad.  Look for the Tigers to rebound at home against the RBBs.  This looks to be one of the last two winnable games this year for Auburn.”
  • Post-game:  What would you get if you combined a team that played like Ole Miss in the first half and Arkansas in the second?  A team with a much better record Ole Miss’ 2-6, that’s for sure.  Before Auburn gets too excited, they need to remember who they played.

Mississippi State 28, Kentucky 16 [Prediction: Mississippi State 30, Kentucky 17]

  • Pre-game: “The Dogs have struggled this year and if they hope to make a bowl, this is a must-win game.”
  • Post-game: Hey, I almost pegged this one.  State’s bowl hopes remain alive after their first conference win.

Georgia 24, Florida 20 [Prediction: Georgia 31, Florida 17]

  • Pre-game: “If UGA loses this one, Mark Richt is back on the hot seat, but that won’t happen.  It also doesn’t matter who quarterbacks the Gators this week.”
  • Post-game: The Dawgs made this one harder than it had to be, but they’ll take it.  Florida, meanwhile, goes 0-for-October.

South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3 [Prediction: South Carolina 7, Tennessee 6]

  • Pre-game: “If the Vols had Tyler Bray, this pick would have switched.  But they don’t.  Of course, the Gamecocks don’t have Marcus Lattimore, but they should have plenty of D and just enough O to pull this one out.”
  • Post-game: Take away a UT interception at the goal line and a 98-yard USC drive for a TD and I might have pegged this score.  Don’t look now, but the Vols could be on their way to a 1-7 conference record this year.

Alabama and LSU are off ahead of next week’s Game of the Year/Decade/Century/All-Time.