Bama – LSU: Neaux to Rematch

The drumbeat for a rematch between Alabama and LSU has already started a week before the game will be played.

Count me not in favor of a rematch – no matter which team wins.

First, for this to happen, a lot of things have to happen.  It’s not impossible – and another piece fell yesterday with Clemson’s loss, but Oklahoma State, Stanford and possibly Boise St. would need to lose.  There’s a good shot these could happen.  The Cowboys still have to play Oklahoma and Oregon has a good shot against the Cardinal.  If these pieces start to fall, eyes will shift toward Boise and I’m sure their prolific scores against San Diego State, Wyoming and New Mexico will impress some.

The Nov. 5th game would also need to be close and most think Alabama would need to win.  It’s been correctly said before that if Bama can’t beat LSU at full strength at home, why should they deserve to get a rematch?  I tend to agree with this, but would also want to see how the game actually turned out.

Again, these two things are very much in the realm of possibility.  But I don’t think it’s fair to either team to propose a rematch.

First, it totally discounts the game to be played on Nov. 5th.  This game is, in essence, a playoff game.  The winner lives to fight another day and, barring a total collapse, heads to Atlanta for the SEC championship game.

That game – the SEC championship game – is one reason I’m not in favor of a rematch.  Though most think either Alabama or LSU will roll South Carolina or Georgia, still, it’s a big game and another hurdle the winner of the West has to face.

Secondly, and I agree with Kevin Scarbinsky on this, in a rematch, either Alabama would get to face LSU in their territory, or LSU would be facing a team with revenge on it’s mind.

Now, if the Nov. 5th game truly is one for the ages that’s either decided in the last seconds or in overtime, the case for a rematch could be made.  But in that case, maybe the loser should head to Atlanta to represent the West and if it wins, then it gets a rematch.


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