Bama – LSU Overhype

Regardless of how big a match up is, a game can be over-hyped, even this year’s Bama-LSU tilt.

ESPN’s SEC Blog finally reached the summit of over-hype with this piece:

LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingo has had some crazy ticket requests for Saturday’s game with Alabama.

He and his teammates are allotted four tickets for friends and family, but he said Monday that he’s had at least 20 requests for tickets, including one from a cousin who lives near Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Mingo thought the high number of requests was a little extreme, but it was nothing like the wild request sitting on ticket website

As of Monday, there were two Alabama-LSU tickets available for $10,423.14 … each.

Let that process for a second. Tickets for a college football game at the beginning of November are worth more than $10,000. This isn’t the Super Bowl. This isn’t the national championship. This isn’t even the SEC championship.

There’s even quotes from players!

“That’s pretty incredible,” Mingo said. “Ten thousand dollars? I’m speechless, man. Who would pay $10,000 for a football game?

“I think a Grand Final ticket in Australia might be 200 bucks,” Wing said. “That’s crazy.

LSU safety Brandon Taylor said he heard the cheapest ticket was going for around $375 in the nosebleeds. So, $10,000 had Taylor laughing in disbelief.

Keep in mind that the ESPN reporter traveled to Baton Rouge for this insight.