Tell Us How You Really Feel, Coach

The Clay-Chalkville High School football team had to forfeit nine wins for playing an ineligible player this year.

Then the legal filings started to fly.  The Jefferson County Board of Education has already had two rulings against Clay’s position and a another appeal pending.  This is all a big deal since the Alabama High School football playoffs begin this Friday night.

Inside the latest round of paperwork filed by Jeffco is this little nugget:

That player has been described as a part-time player who rotated along with several others at his position. Clay-Chalkville coach Jerry Hood said at Friday’s appeal that the player in question made no difference in the team’s success. That player is no longer a part of the team for having not been honest with the coaching staff regarding his expulsion.

Wow.  Granted, the school is basing part of it’s case on the kid not being truthful, but this is pretty tough language coming from a coach.  Although the kid was a part-time player, he “…made no difference in the team’s success.”

Ouch.  I guess all that stuff I’ve heard all these years about every guy counting really doesn’t matter.