Bama – LSU: Honeybadger is a Thug?

How Tyrann Matthieu didn’t get ejected is probably the biggest travesty from last night’s game:

Update: the Honey Badger apologizes.


6 thoughts on “Bama – LSU: Honeybadger is a Thug?

  1. Whether Mathieu is a thug is up for debate, but no way you eject a player for that. Looks to me like he’s trying to keep the Bama player from making the tackle and made a poor decision to reach his arm around and grab him. Officials made the correct call of holding. If he wanted to intentionally hurt the guy, or take a cheap shot, he would have drilled him in the back or dove at his legs.

    • Yeah, he basically took a swing at the guy’s head, no way you eject a player for that.

      It was a good, hard fought game, with a lot of class displayed on both sides.

      There’s no need or excuse for a player playing that way.

  2. geaux LSU degenerates. They Look like (and play like) prisoners. Especially #7 has zero class But they will probably be National Champions

  3. i am a big AU fan and i must say that the honeybadger is a piece of shit for that. there is absolutely no room for this kind of classless behavior on or off the football field. i hope kirkpatrick is ok.

    of course he should be ejected. it was a purposeful punch to the friggin’ neck. this makes ryan “chop block” pugh look clean.

    • Thanks for the comment, Adam. Good hard fought game. No place for that kind of play.

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