Friday Go Round

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** Left-Coast Lunacy:  A Stanford writer opines on why JoePa deserved to stay:

I believe that Paterno ought to stay, because he means that much to the team and the university that he should be the one to sort things out and unify everything in the midst of this disaster. And until all the facts come out, it seems very unfair to blame him for what he did not do when plenty of other people had to have known what he knew. (Incidentally, no one is questioning Paterno’s legal grounds because he did report the alleged incident to his bosses when he found about them.)

** Mullen: “It’s good, I guess, that we cause people issues,” said Mullen, “but until we’re averaging 55 points a game, I guess it’s not causing everybody that much stress right now.”

** Possible Paterno successors.  How come Nutt or Tuberville aren’t on the list?

** Why waste the keystrokes?

** Exposed:

If there was any dark lining to the great, shimmering silver cloud of LSU’s victory over Alabama last Saturday, it was the play of quarterback Jarrett Lee. After eight mostly perfect games as the Tigers’ unquestioned starter, Lee hit just 3 of his 7 passes against the Tide for only 24 yards and no touchdowns. Even worse, Lee tossd a pair of ugly interceptions that brought to mind his disastrously pick-prone 2008 season.

** The Ohio State and Penn State jobs will be open at the same time.  Interesting.

** Paterno was primed to move forward to, right?

A day after Central Florida’s football and basketball programs were hit with allegations of rampant recruiting violations by the NCAA, the coaches of those teams maintained the problems are isolated and not systemic, and that they are primed to move forward.