Auburn-Georgia: well, um, ok

The Warblogler tries to put his best spin on Auburn’s performance against Georgia last Saturday:

I don’t think you can look at the overall performance in Athens and say the Tigers are that bad. This was a road game, a rivalry game, against a team that played their best of the season.

That comment actually comes after these two conflicting statements…


You can, however, look at who Georgia has played and beaten this season en route to their impressively misleading record.

And then…

Where it appears that they may have regressed on offense, it could actually be the fact that they have played top 10 defenses in their most recent losses.

The first comment points out that Auburn fans don’t think Georgia is a good as their record, i.e. that they didn’t actually lose by that much to a really good team.  The second comment then tries to make the Auburn faithful feel better about their offense – that they actually played a top 10 defense.

The reality is that Auburn is a bad football team that lost to a good one.  Georgia doesn’t have the strongest schedule (i.e. they didn’t play Alabama, Arkansas or LSU), but they are good team with a defense that may be great.  Oh, and Aaron Murray may be the best quarterback in the conference.

I think Auburn’s coaching staff has done wonders for this team to be 6-4.  Regardless of how boneheaded South Carolina played against Auburn and regardless of how broke up Florida was, the Tigers still won those games and they count in the standings.  But the Auburn faithful needs to understand the big picture – that this is a bad football team that has overachieved.