Week 12 Review

A perfect 8-0 week to take the overall record so far to 76-10…

Alabama 45, Georgia Southern 21 [Prediction: Alabama 48, Georgia Southern 14]

  • Pre-game: “Yes this prediction includes two touchdowns by the Eagles.  I’m guessing the Bama scrubs give up a score or two.”
  • Post-game: Er, a well, the regulars gave up two scores and the special teams allowed a kickoff return for a touchdown.  Other than that, a win is a win.

Arkansas 44, Mississippi State 17 [Prediction: Arkansas 52, Mississippi State 24]

  • Pre-game: “Thankfully for the Dogs, they still have the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss in their attempt to get bowl eligible.  The Hogs are clicking and should take this one easy.”
  • Post-game:  Don’t look now, but Bobby Petrino’s Hogs are in the national championship hunt.

Auburn 35, Samford 16 [Prediction: Auburn 42, Samford 24]

  • Pre-game: “The Tigers pick up their seventh win with ease.”
  • Post-game: Not exactly with ease, but the Tigers pick up their seventh win.

LSU 52, Ole Miss 3 [Prediction: LSU 49, Ole Miss 10]

  • Pre-game: “The only question in this game is if the Tigers hammer the RBBs worse than Bama did.”
  • Post-game: This could’ve been much worse.

Florida 54, Furman 32 [Prediction: Florida 45, Furman 10]

  • Pre-game: “The Gator offense finally finds its match in the Paladins.”
  • Post-game:  Turns out the defense found it’s “match,” too.

Georgia 19, Kentucky 10 [Prediction: Georgia 42, Kentucky 7]

  • Pre-game: “There’s no reason why the Dawgs shouldn’t roll big in this one.”
  • Post-game: The Dawgs didn’t exactly roll, but they did punch their ticket to Atlanta.

South Carolina 41, The Citadel 20 [Prediction: South Carolina 35, The Citadel 3]

  • Pre-game: “An easy one for the Gamecocks as they tune up for Clemson.”
  • Post-game: A great season for the Gamecocks won’t include a return trip to Atlanta.

Tennessee 27, Vanderbilt 21 [Prediction: Tennessee 24, Vanderbilt 23]

  • Pre-game: “Both of these in-state rivals are battling for bowl eligibility.  Thankfully for the Dores, they will still have one more game left to try.”
  • Post-game: Instead of throwing out the record book in this intrastate rivalry, the rule book got thrown out.