Urban Meyer Returns

So Urban Meyer makes it official: he’s an Ohio State Buckeye now.

Generally speaking, this makes most of the college football world happy, except maybe Michigan and Florida fans.  Most of the folks happy for his return think college football is a better place with him on the sidelines.

But Meyer’s return to the game causes one to ponder his several reasons for exiting in the first place: health concerns, a desire to spend more time with his family and his general unhappiness with the state of the game.

You’d have to guess that if he’s returning to the game, then these issues must’ve been addressed.  Either that, or the his reasons for leaving weren’t really reasons, but more like excuses.

I’m not really in a position to tell what’s real or right about the reasons.  Hopefully, he’s in better shape health-wise and better prepared to take on the rigors of big-time college football.  You only get one shot to raise a family, so hopefully he’s made the necessary adjustments in that area.  Supposedly he has.  But if you’re one of those that thinks college football is a moral wasteland, then I suppose the landscape hasn’t changed much since 2010.

In many ways, Meyer has more to prove and more pressure at Ohio State now than he ever did at Florida.  Though he won two BCS national championships at UF, Buckeye fans don’t care about that.  They want a crystal ball of their own.  Meyer will also have to continually deal with Tim Tebow issues as well.  Though Tebow may have been the best college quarterback to ever play the game, Meyer’s teams – and his quarterbacks – will constantly be compared to the offenses of the Tebow era.

And speaking of the state of college football, will the Buckeye teams under Meyer have the same arrest ratio as his UF teams?

Just a few thoughts to ponder as we head toward the end of this 2011 season.


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