SECCG: LSU – Georgia Prediction

It’s getting late in the week so I decided to post a few thoughts on tomorrow’s SEC championship game between LSU and Georgia.

** If LSU and Georgia each play their best games, LSU wins going away.  But that doesn’t always happen.  That means Georgia does have a chance and LSU’s state of mind heading into this game matters.

** Georgia has tried to play the disrespect card all week.  It’ll be interesting how that works out for them.  LSU, meanwhile, has been fairly workmanlike this year as they’ve played through several tough situations.  I would expect that workmanlike attitude to serve them well tomorrow.

** Georgia is very similar to Arkansas in that they have a very good passing game and adequate running game, but the similarities end there.  The Dawgs have a much better defense.  UGA doesn’t need to play a perfect game – either on offense or defense – but they will have to play at a very high level for 60 minutes. They can have turnovers, but they can’t be the back-breaking kind.  They don’t have to dominate running the ball, but they’ll need to be able to run some.

**  On the other hand, I really don’t think Georgia can run the ball on LSU, so the game will probably come down to Aaron Murray and his receivers versus the LSU secondary.  As good as Murray is, I think that match up favors LSU.

** Defensively, Georgia plays a 3-4 similar to Alabama.  It’ll be interesting to see how LSU attacks.  They have the ability to run inside with their stable of backs, or run outside with Jordan Jefferson running the option.

** Jarrett Lee threw two interceptions against Alabama and found himself on the sideline.  Jefferson only went deep a couple of times against the Tide, so it’ll be interesting to see how Reuben Randle and Russell Shepard are used.  Georgia’s secondary isn’t as good as Alabama’s so LSU may try the deep ball via Jefferson more often.

From an Alabama perspective, it’s better if the Tigers pound the Dawgs.  Personally, though, I won’t be upset if the Dawgs pull out a win.

My call: LSU 27-20.


3 thoughts on “SECCG: LSU – Georgia Prediction

  1. Nice blog, Just found it today!
    I agree with you on the closeness of the game.
    However I am not a fan of you guys getting a 2nd chance at the Tigers. Bama had their shot but came up short. Clearly the Tide has been rolling especially on Defense but the BCS should give another 1 loss team a shot at LSU. Maybe Ok State or my team, The Hokies of Virginia Tech!

    • Hi, Matt. Thanks for the comment. Totally understand where you’re coming from on the BCS match up. Good luck this weekend against the Fightin’ Dabos.

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