“I don’t know who this Archie guy is, but he’s popular.”

This is a funny story involving the guy who now has Archie Manning’s old cell phone number:

“A lot of these people who call and text, I have no clue who they are. Here’s a text that says, ‘Archie, I have tremendous love for Ole Miss. I would love to serve as their next head coach. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.’ It’s signed, ‘Hugh Freeze.’ Do you know who he is?”

“Finally one day when a caller asked for Archie, I tell the guy, ‘I don’t know who this Archie guy is, but he’s popular,'” Guidry said. “The guy says, ‘He used to be quarterback for the Saints.’ I said, ‘Archie? Manning? No way.'”

I can think of a few SEC personalities that should never change cell numbers.

Update: It looks like Freeze found Archie’s number.