SECCG Post Game Thoughts

** Georgia came out with guns blazing and outplayed LSU for 30 minutes, but only had a three point lead at halftime to show for it.

** A couple of plays cost Georgia a 21-0 lead.  Would that have been too big of a hole for the Tigers?  I kind of doubt it, but it would have made for a more interesting second half.

** Love him or hate him, but Tyrann Matthieu is the real deal.  This kid is the obvious Heisman front runner for 2012.

** If there was any doubt about LSU’s quarterback it was answered yesterday.  Jordan Jefferson struggled through a horrible first half, but Les Miles didn’t flinch and go for his bullpen.  That’s kind of a tough deal for Jarrett Lee who carried the Tigers through the first part of the season, but Miles is apparently dead set on Jefferson.

** Kenny Hilliard is a hoss.

** Georgia’s running game is horrible and until that improves they can forget about conference titles.  All season we’ve heard how Isaiah Crowell can’t block (which may be the least of his troubles).  The Dawgs have this backwards.  They need to pound folks with the running game and then follow with the pass.  When defenses start respecting Crowell, and their running game in general, it will take the pressure of his pass blocking assignments.

** Aaron Murray was victimized by at least five dropped passes in the first half, including an easy touchdown catch by Malcolm Mitchell.  But his ball protection skills hurt the Dawgs yesterday, just like in the loss to South Carolina.

** As I said before, I wouldn’t have been upset with an LSU loss, but the better team definitely won.  Congratulations, Tigers.