Thursday Go Round

** It’s looking more and more like Gus Malzahn will be back at Auburn next season. I’m not sure how happy that makes Auburn fans.

** Malzahn has been linked to Ole Miss, North Carolina and Kansas, but, obviously, nothing worked out.

** Look for the Malzahn-led Auburn offense to be better in 2012, though.  The offensive line will be a bit more seasoned, Michael Dyer returns and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kiehl Frazier ultimately win the starting quarterback job.  The offensive numbers should be better, but the team record might not be.

** The Charlie Weis to Kansas story is a head-scratcher. Maybe some sort of connection was formed during his recent stint with the Kansas City Chiefs. Otherwise, I’m having a hard time seeing how this works.

** When I first heard the Weis to Florida report last year, I was impressed with the hire. I thought if all involved could set aside their egos, the arrangement just might work. Who knows what happened, but it didn’t work in a big way.

** Injuries certainly hurt Florida this year, but their offensive plans appeared unimaginative and uninspired.  The game plan and execution against Auburn, even with John Brantley hurt, was horrible.

** Urban Meyer was also blamed plenty, but any number of coaches in the SEC could have taken the sum of their offensive talent and done a lot more with it.

** Injuries or no, if you’re installing a pro-style offense, at some point you have to introduce the smash mouth part. That never happened.

** Lately, Internet rumors have linked Georgia’s Mark Richt to Texas A&M and Penn State. The A&M rumors are somewhat laughable, but if I was a fan of either school, I’d be cheering such a hire. Penn State wants / needs a coach to lead them past the Sandusky scandal. Some at the school want to de-emphasize football. That’s certainly an option, but for those that simply want a change in leadership, the Richt hire would make a lot of sense. No way I see this happening, though.

** If the rumors are true, the SEC did Texas A&M no favors with it new schedule.  Alabama, Arkansas and LSU on the road every other year is quite a welcoming gift.  The only way this could be better is if the league scheduled an off week for each opponent before they played the Aggies.