Revisiting Gus’ Departure From Auburn

Kevin Scarbinsky is asking the same question I asked earlier:

That explains why Arkansas State wanted Malzahn. But why would he leave the SEC for the Sun Belt?

Based on his article, Scarbinsky thinks there are two main reasons:

This one:

He appeared close to landing each job, but the Jayhawks did a quick about-face last week to hire Florida offensive coordinator Charlie Weis. The Tar Heels earlier turned to Southern Miss coach Larry Fedora.

People close to Malzahn say he believes one factor played a role in each of those schools going in a different direction: the Kristi Malzahn video.

And this one:

Malzahn had inside help to get the job. The ASU coach who left for Ole Miss to create the opening, Hugh Freeze, is a confidant. Freeze helped bring the two sides together. The ASU AD, Dr. Dean Lee, taught Malzahn in class at Henderson (Ark.) State.

Did Malzahn wind up at Arkansas State because Mrs. Malzahn’s video and because he had contacts in Jonesboro?

Maybe so, but I don’t think that’s the full story.  I think he wound up in Jonesboro because Cam Newton is no longer playing for him.  I think it’s more likely that folks are more skeptical of his offense than they are of his wife.

Believe me, if Nick Saban had been married to the drunk airport kissing woman, Bama fans would not have cared one iota.

From all accounts, Malzahn is a quality guy.  I hope he does well.