More Weis to Kansas Thoughts

A couple of days ago I posted on the strangeness of the Charlie Weis to Kansas deal.  It seem really cold and unusual for someone to make the decision to uproot their family – especially considering what Weis has told us about his family, in less than a 12 hour period.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.

Then later, I stumbled across this tweet from Yahoo’s Charles Robinson:

The above tweet is among many made by Robinson on the day the Kansas City Chiefs fired Todd Haley.  In a nutshell, Robinson indicated Haley and Weis had a running argument about the potential of Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassell, with Haley being in Cassell’s corner and Weis not so much.  According to Robinson, Weis washed his hands of Cassell and Haley took him under his wing.

When Cassell flourished last year, Weis re-emerged to take credit for Cassell’s development and Haley hit the ceiling.

So this little nugget from Robinson, if true, gives a ton of insight into Weis’ move to Florida before the the 2011 season.  Robinson doesn’t say Weis was forced out, but I’m sure he definitely wasn’t welcomed any longer in Kansas City.

So did Weis use the Florida gig as a great opportunity to get away from Haley?  It kind of sounds that way to me.

Could it be that Weis made a bad move to Florida due to his haste to leave KC and then jumped at the first opportunity to leave Gainesville?  It’s beginning to sound less and less like a stretch.