Bama – LSU II: 24 Days Out

The wait for the BCS title game is excruciating.  It seems almost as long as the wait from the end of the spring game until the season opener.

In fact, the BCS game seems almost like a season of its own.  There will be 44 days between Alabama’s 42-14 win over Auburn and the January 9, 2012 rematch with LSU.  That’s time for a break for the players, a conditioning program for the team, a mini recruiting season, another camp and still time to install the LSU game plan.

Thankfully, this is Nick Saban’s third time to lead a team to this game and his second team to play for a title in New Orleans.  The wait is a little longer than the previous two games, but Saban should be able to adapt.

In 2009, I think the long break actually helped the team to recover from “Awards Season.”  The long break helped them to digest all of the public accolades and then still have time to re-focus on Texas.

Because the break between games is so long, I’ve tried to not think about the game too much.  I haven’t blogged regularly about it.  I haven’t started to analyze the game in my mind.  I’ve tried to avoid the talking heads on ESPN already breaking the game down.  I think my mind would literally turn to mush if I immersed myself in the game for 44 days.

But as we get closer to three weeks before the game, I think I’ll start tuning in just a tad more.

What about you?  What is your state of mind 24 days out?