If This Was Auburn…

If Auburn’s coach had been busted for such “generosity and compassion,” the Dawgs would be screaming hush money.

This paragraph from the AJC pretty well sums up the whole deal:

Clearly the most intriguing findings were those that detailed Richt’s under-the-table payments to staff when the previous administration refused his requests. Not only does it illustrate Richt’s determination to do what he perceived as right for his staff members, it offers a glimpse into the dynamics of the relationship between Richt and former AD Damon Evans.

I’ll admit that I like Mark Richt.  I hope he continues to be successful at Georgia and coaches there for a long time.

But it has been fairly entertaining to watch Bulldog fans react to this situation.  There’s a fair percentage of UGA fans that think their school can do no wrong, and if it does something wrong, it’s for the right reasons so it must be okay, and by the way Nick Saban is the devil.  You know the type fan I’m talking about.  I can think of two similar “we can do no wrong” programs that have been in the news the past few months.


One thought on “If This Was Auburn…

  1. It’s hard to take anything seriously about a Georgia fan these days. They’re as delusional as ever.

    No fanbase thinks they’re big-time with nothing to show for quite like the folks in Athens.

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