Chizik: “Nothing has changed and the future is very bright.”

It doesn’t take much to make me chuckle, and this certainly did:
Overall, Chizik said the program is moving ahead.
“I can make this very clear: We are in a great place,” Chizik said. “We have no reason to believe that the plan we laid down three years ago, which is us going on a very direct path, has changed. We’ve had changes in personnel and staff here. That’s only simply because of the circumstances that they had in taking those jobs, and they had to do what was best for their families. That happens all the time in college football.
“People try to portray it however they want to, but the reality is nothing has changed and we’re on the exact same path we were a month ago, two months ago. People are going to spin it how they want to spin it, but I can assure everybody out there that there is absolutely 100 percent one direction that we’re going, and that’s the same direction we’ve been going since we got here three years ago. Nothing has changed and the future is very bright.”
I admire Gene Chizik for trying to remain positive, but this is pushing the limits of reality.
Auburn finished 5-7 in 2008 (albeit in Tommy Tuberville’s last year), 8-5 in 2009, 14-0 in 2010 and 7-5 so far in 2011.  When you factor out Cam Newton and Nick Fairley, in what direction do most folks think the program is heading?  I think it’s clear to most folks that 2010 was an aberration and that losing at least five games is more the norm.
Things can change quickly, as we saw in 2010, but Auburn is at a crossroads.  Defensively, most would expect the Tigers to improve in 2012, but they are still a bit undersized versus teams such as Alabama.  Offensively, they are built for the spread, but questions about at playmaking positions and this type of offense didn’t exactly click this season.  A switch to a pro set would likely resemble this year’s train wreck at Florida.