Some Folks Call it Roster Management

If this happens at Alabama, Nick Saban would be kneecapped by the media.  At Vandy, meh:

Sophomore center Logan Stewart and freshman running back Mitchell Hester have been dismissed from the team for breaking team rules, Franklin said. Stewart’s violation took place a couple of weeks ago. Hester’s “disciplinary issue” happened roughly a month ago.

Stewart played in nine games and made six starts prior to suffering a season-ending knee injury at Tennessee. His progress was slowed at the start of the season due to a bout with mononucleosis. Hester was redshirted in his first year.

“It’s like I’ve told you, I’m going to have a player’s back but they have to have my back, our team’s back and the university’s back,” Franklin said. “If it’s going to come to a point where I don’t feel like it’s that way, we’ll make a change.”

Franklin said it was too early to know if Wesley Johnson, who moved from left tackle to center late in the season, would stay at that position.

Franklin said some redshirt juniors have opted not to return for a fifth year and their final season of eligibility. While Franklin declined to go through the roster and note each one, he said running back Micah Powell, linebacker DeAndre Jones and offensive lineman Caleb Welchans were among that group.

“A lot of guys walked for Senior Day and a large number of those guys decided (not to return),” Franklin said. “That’s not based on our decision, but guys graduating and guys who haven’t been playing or not playing a significant role who are going to go get jobs or may go play at smaller schools.”

Those departures will pave the way for Vanderbilt to have a larger signing class.  [Emphasis added]



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  2. If this was Saban, this would be Armageddon. Saban would be crucified by the media.

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