“The shortest point between two distances is Clemson’s defensive line.”

I awoke this morning and grabbed for my phone to check last night’s Orange Bowl score.  What did I find?  West Virginia 70, Clemson 33.  Yes, Clemson gave up 70 points.

All I could say was, “Wow.”  Later, a friend’s Facebook status gave me the title for this post.

I realize the the Orange Bowl is just a fancy setting for basically an exhibition game, but I have a hard time seeing how Dabo Sweeney lasts for more than a couple of more seasons at CU.  I love ole Dabo, but 70 points?  Dang.  That does some serious damage to the goodwill pool.

The best part of this game?  The quotes.  They are golden.  Check them out:

“I always envisioned making great plays,” Cook said. “If you think it will happen, it will happen.”

Yeah, well, I’m envisioning myself being seven feet tall, but nothing’s happening.

“The guys wanted to come in and make a statement, and the only way you can do that is if you play well on all three sides of the ball,” coach Dana Holgorsen said.

“All three sides of the ball?”  Did they kick off from the sideline or something?

“You don’t score 70 points by being good on offense,” Holgorsen said. “You score 70 points by being good on all three sides of the ball.”

Just to make sure we get the picture, he says it again.  Are we gonna need some of those funny glasses to watch WV games in the future?

“We’re a better team than we played tonight,” coach Dabo Swinney said. “Just too many mistakes. But we’ll be back.”

Riiiight.  First major bowl in 30 years and your opponent hangs 70 on you.  CU may be back, but we’ll have to wait and see who makes the trip with them.

“I didn’t know you were a girl,” he told the mascot. “I apologize.”

No, they weren’t playing the Orange Bowl in New Orleans.

“Momentum swung not in our favor, and it was hard to recapture,” Boyd said

This may be the best one of all.  I can tell Tajh has a future in coaching.