Why, That’s Just Un-American

We’ve already started to hear the murmurs about Oklahoma State or even LSU possibly being voted No. 1 in the Associated Press poll if Alabama doesn’t beat the Tigers by a big enough margin.  Here’s another example:

“Awarding a championship to a team that loses its final game is beyond counterintuitive and may be un-American,” said David Teel of the Daily Press in Hampton Roads, Va. “But if LSU loses narrowly, I will absolutely consider (voting the Tigers No. 1). That’s how good the Tigers’ regular season — five wins over the top 25, four away from Death Valley, including at Alabama — was.” Another voter in Albuquerque told CBSSports.com‘s Dennis Dodd that Alabama’s win “would have to be like 63-0 or something” before he’d consider voting for the Tide over LSU.

This sort of junk pops up from time to time.  You see it when some yahoo votes some oddball team No. 1 in the polls all season long or in a situation like this.  Sometimes the sportswriter has a good reason – a principled reason for doing it, but most of the time it’s just an attempt to gain attention.

You also don’t see Dennis Dodd quoting all the A.P. voters that will simply vote for the winner of Monday night’s game.  Oh yeah, that wouldn’t be attention-grabbing.

I think the A.P. should award the title to the winner, but the A.P. voters can vote for whomever they please.  That’s part of their rights as a voter.  But in the event that Alabama does win, even in squeak-by fashion, the voters should consider this:  Although LSU won the first game and gets all of the rights and privileges associated therewith, Alabama dominated the game.  Yes, LSU won all of their other games in impressive fashion, but they didn’t beat Alabama impressively.  The only thing impressive about their win was that they got it.  The Tide held LSU to six points in regulation.  Six points.  The Tide scored six as well, but gave up another 12 via missed field goals and gave up at least three due to the controversial interception by Eric Reid.  Also, don’t forget Mark Barron’s third quarter interception of Jarrett Lee that was returned down to the three yard line, but brought back to the 39 because of a block in the back penalty.  That’s about twenty points left on the field by Bama – four missed field goals and eight points created by two more touchdowns.  So that 9-6 win you are so fascinated with could have very easily been a 26-6 loss.  Yeah, yeah, if and buts and whatnots, but Bama dominated the game and a win by the Tide on Monday will be #14 any way you want to count it.

Roll Tide.