Bama – LSU II: Post Game Thoughts

Last night’s 21-0 win over LSU was incredible to watch.  I hope your viewing experience was as wonderful as mine.

A few thoughts about the game:

** What’s up with all of the television folks wearing purple?  I realize they probably weren’t pulling for LSU, but c’mon.

** I guess all that LSU-is-the-greatest-team-ever talk can cease.

** Heading into last night’s game, LSU had allowed six punt return yards all season.  Six.  Bama had three punt returns for 67 yards.  The 49 yarder by Marquis Maze not only flipped the field for the Tide, but was also huge psychologically.

** Speaking of Maze, what a way to go out, but, man, was it difficult to see him upset on the sidelines knowing that his Bama playing career was over.

** Ditto for seeing the injury to linebacker C.J. Moseley.

** In the absence of Maze, Bama receivers Kevin Norwood and Darius Hanks stepped up huge.  Hanks finished with five catches for 58 yards and Norwood came out of nowhere to haul in four passes for 78 yards.  On paper, LSU had a clear advantage over the Tide in the matchup of defensive backs versus receivers, but Norwood’s emergence helped to swing this battle in favor of Bama.

** In fact, the Tide clearly went after Tiger defensive back Tyrann Matthieu.  Apparently Honey Badger didn’t want much last night because he was thrown at, drug and run over by Bama.

** AJ McCarron moved into rarefied air with his performance last night.  There are no other quarterbacks in major college football that will return next year with national championship rings – except for AJ.  He’ll move into the spotlight nationally, and with a defense set to re-load, he looks like he’ll be able to handle more of a load.

** Was there anything more overblown in last night’s game than Trent Richardson being on the sidelines as the Tide entered scoring territory a couple of times in the first half?  I don’t know the exact reason Lacy was in the game over Richardson at the time, and it doesn’t really matter.  I am completely comfortable with Lacy running the ball at any place on the field.

** We are going to miss Courtney Upshaw and Dont’a Hightower.

There’s much, much more to discuss about this game, but that’s enough for now.

Roll Tide.  2011 BCS National Champions.



6 thoughts on “Bama – LSU II: Post Game Thoughts

  1. A few comments:

    Phelon Jones will finish with 3 rings. 1 with LSU.

    We are living in the golden age of Bama football. I think the word Dynasty is appropriate.

    With all the insanely high expectations put on Saban when he was hired, he has exceeded all expectations.

    That was the best defense I have ever seen, and it is not even close.

    We are going to miss coach Mac more than most realize.

    • I think this D passes the 92 version and I’m going to let this win settle in and investigate how they rank all-time.

  2. Another observation:

    Hats off to the Hat. I have a new respect for him. After Nov. 5, he could have said Bama had their shot, Oky St. should be number 2. He had coached at Oky St. If he would have done that, he may have influenced a few Harris poll voters.

    But he didn’t. He said something along the lines of I would be honored to play that team again. He backed it up by voting Bama Number 2 in his final poll.

    • Yeah – I wonder if he regrets saying that in the heat of the moment.

      I like the guy, but I think some of his genius rubbed off yesterday. 🙂

  3. I think you are correct about his genius rubbing off. As a matter of fact, as hard as it would be to fathom, I think he may be on the hot seat next year. The LSU faithful did not like losing to Saban…. in the national championship game. That’s got to hurt. Can you imagine losing to Fran in the NCG? That would cause my head to explode.

    • Yeah, I spent part of the 44 days off thinking about what it would be like to lose to that bunch. Let’s just say that would be real tough.

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