“Honey badgers aren’t cornerbacks.”

I love this excerpt from Adam Jacobi at CBS Sports:

The “honey badger” nickname works for Tyrann Mathieu. It totally works. People complaining about Brent Musberger using it on television (I didn’t watch the game on TV, but there were a lot of tweets grousing about it) (UPDATE: he did it 14 times) need to realize that this is a hipster’s argument about music or a big-city homebuyer’s argument amount gentrification, writ completely small. If something is enjoyable and underused, people will flock to it and you don’t get to claim it to yourself anymore. Social nature abhors a fun vacuum.

That all said, Tyrann Mathieu is fantastic at injecting himself into plays that he’s not supposed to be involved in and forcing turnovers and touchdowns. He is also 5’9″ and LSU’s third-best cover corner. So Alabama decided to run and throw right at this small defender, and surprise! He wasn’t nearly as good on an island, without an opportunity to wreak havoc in the backfield.

[Emphasis added]

There was an awful lot of hype for this guy, and he’s a heck of an athlete, but the best way to decipher hype is to watch how coaches game plan for certain players: LSU’s defense of Bama’s Heisman hopeful Trent Richardson?  They respected him and threw the sink at him.  How did Bama approach the Honey Badger?  They went right after him (and wisely stayed away from Morris Claiborne).