Y’all Ready to Fire Saban?

One dude thinks we should:

Back to the point of my article, Nick Saban, quite unlike his predecessors, knew the brilliant brand that was and is Alabama football, and correctly saw that merged with his coaching genius he could quickly return the program to its rightful spot at the top. Having coached two national champions in three years he should be commended, Alabama’s athletic director should erect a statue of him at Bryant-Denny, but after that, he should fire him.

Why is this? Alabama should send Saban on his way because simple college football history in modern times says this is the last national title he’ll win for them. It’s not that Saban lacks the talent to win more than two for the Tide, but when we look at the “hottest coaches in college football” going back to the 1980s, it’s when they reach the top as Saban clearly has that their star begins to dim. Inexplicable losses start to reveal themselves, top-of-the-heap recruits don’t pan out, and then in some instances, team success breeds jealousy among rivals on the way to revelations of impropriety on teams of the agent/booster variety.

It’s certainly possible that Nick Saban’s coaching tenure at Alabama won’t mirror that of nearly all the other previous “hottest coaches in college football” that in recent decades stood where he does today, but the historical pattern points to a looming decline in Saban’s genius that will in the coming years disappoint Alabama fans. No doubt that’s a risk they’ll want to take, but once again, history says Monday night will mark the high point of Saban’s tenure in Tuscaloosa.

My response?  I’ll take our chances with Saban for a few more years. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Y’all Ready to Fire Saban?

  1. Alabama can’t win them all but I think Nick Saban gives them a better chance then anybody else. And because of what we have seen from him before, I dont think he is any less hungry now. Roll Tide Roll.

  2. The article is just bull, and I am flabbergasted that anyone would ever write such bull . That is the most asinine thing I have read in a long time.

    Saban is the best thing that has happened to Alabama football since the Bear. Think about that for a second. I still remember the 2000 preseason. We were preseason #3. We played the first game in the Rose Bowl against UCLA. From that point on, that season was a total disaster. And it only got worst from there. Dubose sent us into probation. Fran left us “holding the rope”. Price embarrassed us. Shula did the best he could, but he could not coach.

    Finally, after years in the desert, we finally got a coach that is consumed with Alabama football as much as we as fans are.

    Enjoy the current run, it may not happen again in my lifetime.

  3. what b.s. some of you guys write..nick saban is the best coach for alabama period…why do you think most of the lsu fans hated that he went to alabama ?? he turned there football program from disaster into a national championship…did bear bryant win 2 national championships in his first 5 years ?? of couse not..and bear bryant did not have to deal with all his talented players leaving early for the pro’s..all you alabama haters can keep on hating..because nick saban will retire at alabama….ROLL TIDE !!!!!

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