Les Miles Had Some Splainin’ To Do

Yesterday Les Miles had his first press conference since arriving home following the beat down:

“I have a difficult time bemoaning my team’s effort, the coaches effort and the want to win,” Miles said of the game in which LSU was outgained 384-92 and totaled five first downs. “They did everything they could, everything that they were asked to do. I don’t think they played perfectly. I don’t think anybody would say that this was representative of our best play. I can tell you our guys gave everything they had.”

And also mentioned this guy:

“We gave great thought to Jarrett. Hindsight being 20-20 I’d call the first play differently and the 15th, right on through. We did what we thought was our best opportunity at victory and we did it as a staff.

“It has nothing to do with a personal slight. I admire (Lee) how he handled his career here and I wish him the best. Root for him greatly.”