On Cutting Manning

If all the reports are accurate, the Indianapolis Colts will cut Peyton Manning. If all the reports are accurate, the Colts will cut Manning in order to begin their affair with either Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin, III.

Whether you agree with this decision or not, either way it’s a no brainer.

Paying a $28 million bonus to a broke up quarterback on the down hill side of his career makes no sense. None. I don’t care how much goodwill you assign to Manning related to his relationship with Indiana, paying that kind of money for services already rendered (and compensated) makes no sense.

But on the other hand, cutting loose a quarterback who is the face of the franchise and who, if healthy, could play for another two to six years. He’s also one of (if not the) smartest and hardest working players in the league; he’s a player who can beat you with his head as well as with his body. If healthy, he’s one of the top quarterbacks in the league. Manning has never been swift afoot so the aging process won’t quite affect him like others. Give him several seconds and he’ll put the ball in a place to beat you.

Yes, the money is a huge issue, but if the Colts wanted Manning to stay, they could find a way to work that out.

Given Manning’s status when healthy – and his surgeon has cleared him to play, it’s a no brainer to keep him.

I could not stand Manning as a collegian, for obvious reasons. But as a pro, he’s one of my favorites. Yes, he’s talented, but his work ethic and commitment to the game make him fun to watch. Just because in a day or so he won’t be a Colt doesn’t mean his talent and will to win go away. My guess is these events will cause his fire to burn even brighter.

Andrew Luck, who will likely be Manning’s replacement, will probably be a good professional. But will he do more for the Colts in the next six years or so than Manning? Doubtful. And if Manning is healthy, the Colts will live to regret the day they cut him.