Chapman Goes to the Colts

Nose guard Josh Chapman was picked by the Indianapolis Colts yesterday in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

The Colts are installing a 3-4 defense and Chapman would seem to be a great addition to that unit.

At first glance, I was surprised that Chapman fell to the fifth round, but his knee injury incurred last season was obviously a factor:

“I’m probably about I want to say 50 percent.  I’m probably more than 50 percent.  I’ve been straight-line running, kind of ahead of schedule so we kind of slowed it down a little bit.  We don’t want to rush anything with the knee.  I should be ready (for training camp).  That’s the way I’ve been rehabbing and training.”

Chapman basically backed up Terrence Cody for two seasons and started for two seasons.  He was one of the strongest players on the teams and was clearly one of the unsung heroes of the 2011 Bama team. Heck, after what he played through, he should probably have his own stanza in the fight song:

“I tore it October 1 playing against Florida in the third or fourth quarter,” said Chapman.  “I was told that I could have surgery or keep on playing the season.  I still had stability left in my knee and I wanted to win a championship.  Pain is one of those temporary things.  A lot of people have pain in the game of football, but I just had to do what I had to do.”