More Sims Stuff

Phillip Sims’ transfer stays in the news another day:

In an interview with the Virginian-Pilot shortly after Sims’ transfer decision was confirmed, the player’s former head coach at Oscar Smith High School, Richard Morgan, claimed there was one reason and one reason only why McCarron received the nod over Sims.

“If it’s a close competition between an in-state guy and an out-of-state guy, the in-state guy is getting the job,” he said. “Phillip was in a situation where I thought he was the better quarterback, but he was the out-of-state guy. That’s just the way it works in college.

Hey, I’ve got no problem with a guy that gets passed over thinking he’s the better player.  And I’ve got no problem with a high school coaching trying to take up for one of his former players.  That seems natural.  But this coach’s reasoning just doesn’t fly.

The bottom line is AJ McCarron had a one year head start on Sims and managed to hold him off long enough to finally win the job.  Once he got the job, he did nothing to lose it.  Thems the breaks.

I wish Sims had stuck around, and I understand his reasoning for leaving.  His coach’s?  Not so much.