Iowa State’s Paul Rhoads and His New Meat Grinder

People in our part of the world are familiar with Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads because of his stint as Tommy Tuberville’s last defensive coordinator at Auburn.  He’s also known as the guy who turned around Gene Chizik’s 5 and 19 train wreck in Ames and the guy who derailed Oklahoma State’s BCS dreams last year.  But after this story, Rhoads may become known for something else entirely:

After it appeared evident that [Anthony] Young would not be able to recover in time to play last season, Young said he and Rhoads met in November to discuss whether Young would be granted a redshirt for the season.

Young said Rhoads told him, “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t redshirt you because you have done nothing to [hurt] the program or the team, you haven’t caused any problems and your grades have picked up.”

Young left the meeting feeling good about his chances to receive a redshirt. The next day, however, Young was called to another meeting, this time with Rhoads, then-secondary coach Bobby Elliott, Coberley and other members of the football team’s training staff.

What Young said Rhoads told him in the meeting:

“Anthony, I’ll give you your redshirt. But if I give you your redshirt, you’re going to have to graduate in the spring and take your talents to another program, or you can come back this season and help this team out.”

As we’ve learned from the media treatment of Nick Saban, there are indeed two sides every story, so I’m sure Rhoads’ wouldn’t agree with the article.  But either way, Rhoads comes off looking pretty bad.