Krystal Follow Up

The victim in the French Quarter Krystal victory celebration incident has filed a lawsuit:

The lawsuit does not specify a dollar figure for damages. It says the LSU fan suffered “mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety and depression … damage to reputation” and lost tuition payments “for having to withdraw from school.”

I dunno.  If I was the victim in this case I’m sure I’d want criminal charges to go forward, but otherwise, I’d probably want the whole thing to go away.  Unless the alleged assailant is from a wealthy family, I’m not sure the victim stands to gain much.


One thought on “Krystal Follow Up

  1. This incident truly made me ashamed, as a Bama fan. What an idiot. When I was in college, I don’t think I would ever had thought to do something like this. Thank goodness cellphone cameras were not around then. I did some stupid things when I was in school, but not something that would embarrass someone else

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