Janzen Jackson Resurfaces with Giants

Janzen Jackson was a highly-rated defensive back coming out of high school and Alabama wanted him.  He signed with Tennessee and played well on the field, but off-field trouble spelled his doom there.  The one-time apparent heir to Eric Berry later transferred to McNeese State and recently signed with the New York Giants as an undrafted free agent:

The Giants were one of five teams that showed interest and Jackson signed with the team to, as he put it, “keep his word” after the organization spent time looking into his background and recruiting him as a potential free agent.

Jackson has said all the right things to the team, as he did in a session with reporters during this past weekend’s rookie camp.

“Just being a boneheaded young player,” he said of the issues in his past. “Coming in, I started as a freshman, so I kind of didn’t think rules applied to me. … You have to learn from the mistakes that you’ve made in the past, move forward and keep a level head because you’re going to have the controversy with it.

“Just keep a level head and stay positive. That’s been my motto.”

Good for Jackson.  I hope he makes it.