Richardson and Smelley Update

Trent Richardson is getting off to a good start in Cleveland:

“He was the real deal after the first day,” Weeden said. “He’s a freak after the third.  He really is. It’s amazing, I played with a lot of good backs at Oklahoma State, obviously, but he’s right there. There’s a reason he was the third pick overall. You can see why. He’s able to catch the ball out of the backfield, he runs hard, he said it himself, he’s a different guy when he touches the football.”

And former Tider Brad Smelley is also finding his way around the Browns’ camp pretty well:

The Browns can use Smelley in several ways. He is competing with second-year fullback Owen Marecic at that position and Alex Smith, Cameron Jordan and Benjamin Watson for a spot at tight end. The one tight end likely safe on the roster is Evan Moore.

“He can play on the line of scrimmage, he can play in the backfield and we use a tight end/fullback type guy like that,” Coach Pat Shurmur said. “That helps you when you have a guy that can line up on the end of the line of scrimmage, maybe line up in the slot or also play from the backfield. It allows you to be somewhat multiple.”

There also might be another reason Smelley hangs on with the Browns:

Coaches often talk about a culture of winning in the locker room. Smelley and Richardson carry that into the Browns’ locker room after beating Texas for the BCS national championship in 2010 and LSU in January.



One thought on “Richardson and Smelley Update

  1. I really think that Richardson, if he stays healthy, will be a future hall of famer. He has, along with a great head on his shoulders, an athletic ability at runningback that is unparrarelled in my lifetime.

    I really hope that Smelley makes this team. He has all the intangibles, besides NFL talent.

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