Keeping up with the Dropsies

ESPN’s NFL West blog has this neat piece on the “drop ratio” for NFL receivers.

Interestingly, or maybe not so much, Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals led the NFL last year with 80 pass receptions and only one drop.  That’s ridiculous.  The next closest ratio was 40:1 by Tony Gonzalez.

Receivers had to be targeted at least 100 times in order to make the list.  Former Bama wideout Julio Jones only caught 54 passes last year for the Falcons, so he fell well short of the target requirement.

Other players of note:

  • Percy Harvin, 29:1 (Florida)
  • Calvin Johnson, 24:1 (Georgia Tech)
  • Mike Wallace, 24:1 (Ole Miss)
  • A.J. Green, 21.7:1 (Georgia)
  • Michael Crabtree, 12.2:1 (Texas Tech)
  • Roddy White, 7.1:1 (UAB)

It’s hard to believe that an NFL receiver could drop at least one pass for every seven thrown his way – especially if the quarterback throws to you more than 100 times.