Kirkpatrick off to a Good Start with Bengals

Count veteran defensive back Terence Newman as impressed with Dre Kirkpatrick:

As the latest first-round corner, Dre Kirkpatrick, has been finding out in his early sessions with Newman.

“I never met a rookie that didn’t come in eager to learn. He’s going to fit into the mold of the rest of the corners I’ve known that have come in and learned from the older guys,” Newman said.

No question, he’s been impressed of the 6-2 Kirkpatrick.

“When he’s sitting down and stands up, it’s like ‘Wow.’ I didn’t know he was that tall,” Newman said. “He’s got quicks. He’s got good feet. I think he’ll be a great corner in this league for a long time.”

It will be interesting to see if Dre winds up at safety or corner for the Bengals.  It’ll also be interesting to see how Dre meshes with the Cincinnati culture.