DeMeco Ryans Move to the Eagles Gets a Little Clearer

When news hit that the Houston Texans had traded former Tider DeMeco Ryans to the Philadelphia Eagles and received next to nothing in return, it was kind of a head scratcher.  Ryans is a high-character guy that any team would want around and he’s still got plenty of tread left on his tires.

This helps explain things:

One of the most underrated moves of the 2012 offseason came when the Eagles fleeced the Texans for Pro Bowl middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans.  But with the Texans committed to a 3-4 defense and Ryans fitting much better in a 4-3 system, the Texans had no choice than to take what they could get.

For Ryans, he knew something was coming.

My feelings weren’t hurt,” Ryans said over the weekend at his golf tournament in Alabama, via the Tuscaloosa News.  “I saw the road changing during the season last year.  I kind of start[ed] seeing that, maybe this can’t go on for too long.  So when the move came, I was OK with it.”

Ryans is a class act and he should help an Eagles team that way underachieved last year.