McClain Close to Becoming an Ex-Raider?

Some folks think Rolando McClain may have run out of options in Oakland:

It’s also unclear how many games McClain might miss, either via the jail sentence or subsequent NFL suspension for straying away from the code of conduct.

But if we go by what new GM Reggie McKenzie and new coach Dennis Allen have consistently said since arriving here as the faces and voices of the new Raiders, the ultimate decision seems clear:

McClain actions and his spotty play so far have shown that he’s the polar opposite of the kinds of players McKenzie and Allen want in their locker room, and McClain should be gone from this team before the start of the 2012 season.

Maybe it’ll happen in training camp, when the Raiders know they have replacements ready to go.

Maybe it’ll happen before that. Somewhere in there, unless this incident immediately sets McClain on a clean new path—and there is evidence of this—McClain should be an ex-Raider.

This certainly points out one thing I know for sure:  If you are going to act stupid, you better make sure you can play.