Jarret Johnson Votes No on More Padding

Former Tider Jarret Johnson weighs in on the NFL’s new padding rules:

Chargers linebacker Jarret Johnson, who joined the team in March from the Ravens, was more pointed.

“It’s a bunch of guys who never played football before,” Johnson said. “You hear it all the time. They’re saying, ‘Why do players always complain about player safety if they’re not going to wear thigh pads?’ Well, thigh bruises and knee bruises aren’t ending careers.

“The repetitive amount of hits we take, day in and day out — this, to me, is a P.R. stunt. . . . If you get hit in the legs, you’re doing something wrong. You’re either getting cut or standing there. Usually, when guys are aggressive and they’re hitting back, the legs aren’t usually getting hit.”

That’s certainly an interesting perspective from a current NFL player, no doubt.  But I’m not sure this makes sense to the average person.  More padding when playing professional football seems like a no-brainer to most folks.

I do agree with Johnson about the P.R. move, though.  Given the battle waging over concussions, this seems like a well-timed move by the NFL bosses.