Roman Harper Keeps Stirring the Pot

I think I’d just keep this to myself:

Saints safety Roman Harper told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that even though Williams is gone and Steve Spagnuolo is the new defensive coordinator, the Saints’ players are still planning to play with the fire that Williams instilled in them.

I think we’ve still got that same fire burning up under us. You know, Gregg lit a fire that a lot of us aren’t going to let burn out. A sense of intensity,” Harper said. “And now we understand what it takes to win. Before I don’t think we understood it, and we didn’t have that complete feeling. But now we’ve been to the top of the mountain. We know what it takes to get there. And that’s what we’re trying to do now. It’s either Super Bowl or bust. And we won’t take anything less this year, no matter what our circumstances are.”

On another note, based on his play in the league – and his length in the league, Harper has a pretty lofty ranking for players post-Stallings and pre-Saban.