Back From Mayo

We’re back from Mayo.  We left home last Sunday morning and returned last night.

It was a busy week, but a very good one.  The Mayo Clinic in Rochester obviously has a world class reputation and our experience was in line with our expectations.  The doctors are top of the line and all of the support staff are top rate as well.  It seems as if the entire community takes a great deal of pride in the Clinic and they all work to make visitors have an incredible experience.

It wasn’t an easy week for my daughter.  She went through a lot of poking and prodding – the worst being a “fine needle aspiration,” which was having a series of needles stuck into her neck in order to obtain lymph node biopsies.  This was the third time she’s endured such testing during her illness and it’s a tough thing to go through.  But she did it.

We won’t hear any results for several months.  We’ll travel back to Rochester then to have some testing performed to tell us how successful this past week has been.

Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers.


One thought on “Back From Mayo

  1. Great to hear she made it through ok. She seems like a really special young lady. I will let my wife and kids know of her update.

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