Where’s the Handle? I Need to Flush…

I am so sick of this:

A judge on Thursday delayed the trial of an Alabama fan accused of poisoning Auburn’s cherished Toomer’s Corner oak trees, citing increased media attention stemming from a report this week that the defendant confessed outside the courtroom.

Defense attorneys for Harvey Updyke have also asked the judge to move the trial to a different location, saying that the jury pool so close to Auburn University has been tainted. Judge Jacob Walker said Thursday that he would schedule a hearing to consider the request.

Prosecutor Robbie Treese objected after the judge’s ruling and noted that the issue was “invited by the actions of the defendant.” But Walker replied that the report of the confession marked “a very unusual set of circumstances.”

It’s time to move on, folks.

Both sides need to work out a plea bargain and hit the flusher.


2 thoughts on “Where’s the Handle? I Need to Flush…

  1. Agreed. But I do feel empathy for Harvey. I know what he did was extremely stupid; especially for a grown man. No excuse for that. However, he is getting treated worse than a mass murderer. I don’t remember any murder trial recently getting this much attention.

    • I don’t.

      He’s been a horrible defendant. Won’t keep his mouth shut. Radio interviews,etc.

      Maybe I just don’t understand his defense strategy.

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