14 Burning Questions for 2012: #14 – Ole Miss

The SEC now has 14 teams and we have one burning question for each.  Yes, that means 14 questions.  Let’s get started.

Question #14: Just how bad will this Ole Miss team be?

Last year’s Rebel Black Bears stunk it up with an overall record of 2-10 and pulled off an unperfect 0-8 record in league play. That followed a 4-8 2010 season with only one league win. One league win in two seasons is a trick most can’t pull off.  Rebel fans no doubt hope their team has found rock bottom and start heading up under new head coach Hugh Freeze.

Freeze comes to Ole Miss with a grand total of one season as a collegiate head coach and was a high school coach as recently as 2004. He’s definitely been a bright spot for the Ole Miss program this off season, but he has to wonder which team will be better in 2012: his former Arkansas State squad or this bottom of the league Rebel squad. Rebel fans, on the other hand, will be wondering if this team can win a league game for the first time since 2010. That’s iffy.

The Rebs are likely to win three out of conference games in September, despite a visit from Texas. September also includes a September 22nd visit to Tuscaloosa.  Since Ole Miss continues to play in the Southeastern Conference, winning another game in 2012 will require some real heavy lifting . If they win a fourth, it will likely come against Texas A&M (home), Vanderbilt (home) or Mississippi State (home).

So just how bad will this Ole Miss team be? My guess is very bad. A new coaching staff, new systems, and a shallow talent pool spell tough times for another season for the Rebels.